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Career Associates

"The coach's job is to make the good players play even better."




Career coaching is now rightly regarded as a powerful mechanism for improving performance and contribution.

We provide coaching for organisations who want to see their professionals fully prepared and equipped, not just to take on more senior roles, but to succeed on every level of leadership and performance.

Leaders must know and understand what they know - and must be able to make it completely clear to others what they know. We can help them be sure their contribution is outstanding.

While they want to achieve real benefits for their people through coaching, few companies can afford to offer the necessary expertise or resources in-house.

But at Career Associates we have both the expertise and the resources.

We can build self-confidence, heighten self-awareness and maximise each individual’s strengths and talents.

Our coaching is both practical and relevant. In-depth, open-ended, one-to-one, and developed to meet the individual’s needs and aspirations.

Coaching can help people find insight, strengths and qualities they might not know they have.

Here’s what some of our coaching clients had to say:

“When we started discussing the benefits of business coaching in 2003, the initial reaction within the traditional utility set-up was sceptical, to say the least. In 2005, after a couple of dry runs, six members of the Executive Management Group directors, engaged with Frank on one-to-one coaching support programmes. Since then we have restructured our Exec into manageable leadership teams allowing us to involve a wider group of managers, 60 in total. Frank now coaches 54 of these managers, including 10 of our 12 directors. It is our intention to further involve Career Associates during 2009/10. We are now Scotland’s No 1 Company and we are delighted to have the services of Scotland’s No 1 Coach to coach us to coach, and develop, our managers into leaders.” – Jim McPhillimy, Group Services Director, Scottish & Southern Energy

“I have worked with Career Associates for over 10 years now and they have never failed to deliver for me. The true test is the positive feedback I get about them from the employees I ask Frank and his team to help.” – Stephen Dunn, HR Director, Miller Homes

“Career Associates helped me achieve some significant changes which have helped make me more effective in my business role and have also benefited me on a personal level.” – Paul Isgar, IT Director

“Career Associates has a personal approach that is relevant to the business experience. The approach is very hands on, working closely with the client in a way that supports the development need of the individual managers and directors. I would recommend them. There is a three-way contact between Career Associates, the Client Company and the individuals involved. Frank works well across these partnerships, ensuring consistency and compatibility of the end objectives but fully respecting confidentiality and respective needs of all parties.” – Manus Fullerton, Head of Corporate Banking, Lloyds TSB Scotland

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